Contractor Care Program


Contractor Care Program

Altablue has 25 years’ experience attracting, recruiting and managing contract negotiations for global businesses in Australia. We have an excellent track record supporting our clients in achieving a seamless on boarding process by ensuring that the communications are clear and precise. We have an agreement on salary packages right from the beginning and these conversations continue throughout the process between all parties and are regular, positive and transparent.

We build strong relationships with our candidates and are able to support them throughout the application process, while keeping our clients informed of any changes or additional queries.


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We encourage these conversations to ensure we are not overcoming ‘surprise’ hurdles or offer declines at the back-end of the process.

As a contractor at Altablue you are not just a number to us. We value our contractors’ contributions to our business and believe our strength lies in our ability to nurture the relationships we have with you to make sure you get paid on time, every time.

Right from the get go our Contractor Care team will be with you every step of the way from the Offer of Employment, to your first day, right through to when you finish your assignment and are ready for your next opportunity.

We recognised that due diligence and paperwork can be tedious and that’s why we have our Contractor Care team organise everything for you from medicals, drug and alcohol screens, training, logistics and our state of the art on-boarding system which allows you to sign everything electronically.

Payment is made weekly through PAYG or Pty Ltd methods with reminders for timesheets so that you don’t miss a pay.

Altablue’s Contractor Care consultants maintain a proactive approach by remaining in regular contact with all of our candidates. This ongoing dialogue allows us to build a rapport and encourages open and transparent communication with the view to address any concerns, and to provide any additional information our contractors may need.

Additionally, we ensure we are seeking regular feedback from our candidates and clients alike. We are committed to continuously improving our service and we embrace these open discussions as we feel it’s an important part of our partnership and the development of the account.

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